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Which Are The Best Bath Bombs, Bath Salts, and Shower Bombs?

All our bath bombs, bath salts, and shower bombs are made in small batches to ensure each one is up to the highest standards! We pride ourselves in premium quality, premium ingredients, and premium products. We restock our shelves multiple times a week and make sure you receive the freshest products in your order. One of the most exciting parts of this job is seeing what type of bath bombs, bath salts, and shower bombs our customers choose! We all have our favorite colors, particular scents, and unique health needs. Check out our recent blog post on how we make our Mother of Pearl Bath Bomb.

Building your box on our website lets you mix and match our products and try new scents with every order. We are constantly testing out recipes with interesting ingredients, fun designs, and new ways to make self-care a part of your daily routine. The best way to be the first to know is by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on social media. 

Shower Bombs have been a huge hit lately and the graph below shows which scents are our most popular. Our Mother of Pearl Shower Bomb continues to lead the pack. The fresh burst of eucalyptus that fills your shower is the perfect pick-me-up in the morning. If you tend to shower at night, the essential oil steam leaves you feeling pampered and clean, ready for a relaxing night’s sleep. 

Mother of Pearl Shower Bomb

Best Selling Shower Bombs


More of a bath person? So are we. Incorporating even just one bath into your weekly bathing rituals has so many positive effects. Life can get too busy, and a warm soothing bath is the perfect escape. Do you prefer bath salts or bath bombs? Both have their perks and many of our customers like to mix it up in their orders or even double up on a single scent for a bath that is twice as nice.

Right now, our best-selling bath bomb is Deep Blue. This fun oceanic bath bomb fills your tub with bright blue bath water and the beachy smell of bergamot. The dried seaweed includes an added boost for your skin and leaves your skin looking and feeling hydrated and youthful.

Deep Blue Bath Bomb

 Best Selling Bath Bombs


Bath salts are a great idea for when you need a more therapeutic experience. Epsom salt is the ideal addition to your bath when your body needs a break. Tension, soreness, and stress fade away in the soft, salty water. Add some essential oils and dried botanicals and you have yourself the perfect night-in.

Our customers’ favorite bath salts continue to be our Happy as a Clam Salts and it is easy to see why. The warmth of lemon, lime, and orange are sure to brighten your day and lift your mood. Plus, the added orange zest provides you with a fresh, citrusy burst of energy. If you have not yet tried our bath salts, Happy as a Clam makes for the perfect gateway drug.

Happy as a Clam Bath Salts

Best Selling Bath Salts


Be sure to follow us on social media and stay up to date on our latest products. We would love to hear which bath bombs, bath salts, and shower bombs are your favorite!

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