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How We Make Our Mother of Pearl Bath Bomb

white bath bomb

Our Mother of Pearl bath bomb may look plain on the outside, but it is packed with many unique ingredients!

The first step in making all of our bath bombs is measuring, sifting, and combining our dry ingredients. Although we won't reveal our secret recipes, our basic ingredients include baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, and kaolin clay. 

Step two, we measure our wet ingredients, which include coconut oil and essential oil. All of our ingredients are measured on a scale in grams to ensure precision and accuracy in each small batch! 

The third step is where we put our "chemist" hat on and carefully combine our ingredients. Combining the dry and wet ingredients is the most vital and time-consuming stage. Bath bombs are meant to activate in your bath tub and not a moment sooner. Therefore, it is important to slowly add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients without prematurely activating the batch- or else there is no saving it!

In our Mother of Pearl batches, we add eco-friendly enviroglitter from Nurture Soap that is sure to make your bath water sparkle! Nurture Soap enviroglitter is plastic-free, sustainably sourced, and vegan and animal-cruelty free. 

The strong aroma of Mother of Pearl comes from Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil from Australia and is supplied by Vine Vida. We love using Vine Vida oils because they only sell 100% pure and natural essential oils that are sustainably sourced and promote a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle.

Eucalyptus oil smells woodsy and earthy and is known for its medicinal benefits. Eucalyptus can reduce stress, relieve sinus issues, and remedy colds. 

Step four is when it all comes together. Once the ingredients are combined, we sprinkle some of our batch in the bottom of the mold. Then, we create a small crater in the middle to hide our dried eucalyptus leaves. This lovely surprise will reveal itself as the bath bomb fizzes in the water! We then sprinkle more of the batch, add the top of the mold and press down (or as we like to call it, "Hulk Smash"). We repeat this step multiple times until the bowl is empty.

For step five, the final step, we carefully place the bath bombs on a drying rack and allow them to dry in a humidity controlled environment. After a couple days of drying, they are all set to be packaged for delivery and dropped in your tub!

Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at how we make our Mother of Pearl bath bomb on our YouTube channel.


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    Love, love, love the fragrance of these bath bombs! Keep up the good work

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